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General information about Impilinna

The total overhaul of “Impilinna”, the old livestock rearing school’s main building belonging to Seppälä’s field of Natural Resources and now used by Kainuu Vocational College, has progressed from improving the grounds and lawn to the inside of the building itself. The aim of the ‘Impilinna Regenerated’ project is to completely renovate the inside of the building.

A product development kitchen, café, shop and sports field customer service facilities will be constructed inside the building, which was previously in residential use. The product development kitchen and other business facilities will enable the development of new products created particularly in the field of nature and tourism as well as small rural business innovation activities.

The new facilities will generate new employment and business and the renovation will also enable the use of the premises for teaching purposes by the various fields of education at Kainuu Vocational College. The product development kitchen can be adapted for college use or for various business uses, for example foodstuff product development processes.

Impilinna will be the operational hub of the Seppälä Impilinna Cooperative and business accelerator. Business courses within the field of Natural Resources will be integrated into the cooperative’s activities in order to provide students with a low threshold springboard into entrepreneurship. In addition to the learning environment, Impilinna can also be used in adventure tourism. In the future it will be possible for companies, associations and private individuals to rent Impilinna for various purposes.

Sports field and golf customers will also be served on the premises of Impilinna.  The ‘Construction of Seppälä’s Sports Fields’ project will enable the improvement of lawns and greens..

The students of Kainuu Vocational College will carry out the renovations as a part of their studies (construction, heating, plumbing, ventilation and electrical work). The overhaul will be implemented according to the renovation plans compiled during the ‘Impilinna in the Townscape’ project. The renovation project, managed by the Vimpelilaakso Public Utility for Development, will be implemented in cooperation with Kainuun Liitto (Kainuu Regional Council), the Kainuu Vocational College and Kainuu Museum. 

Approximately 100 KVC students will be involved in renovating Impilinna. Among them are students studying to be builders, electricians, plumbers and heating and ventilation professionals. The students of the Natural Resources field will construct a Baroque garden based on an original model in front of Impilinna and golf fairways behind it. This is a powerful, combined effort to return an old historical building and its necessary infrastructure to its former glory. 


The Seppälä Impilinna Cooperative

The Seppälä Impilinna Cooperative focuses on natural resources, nature, natural product and tourism sectors including connected services and products from adventurous food to various programme services. The aim of the cooperative is not only to promote entrepreneurship but also to provide a meeting place and networking channel for those still studying, graduates and existing entrepreneurs.

Since it involves the activities of many different fields, the cooperative takes care of marketing, sharing information and joint product development and related sourcing (purchasing). People mainly join the cooperative as individual members and they are paid a wage for what they sell. Each member works independently “in the spirit of entrepreneurship”, but the cooperative provides help with, e.g. marketing. 30 % of sales revenues are allocated to the cooperative to cover employer contributions, marketing, accounting services and insurances, etc. Members’ contributions are returned to the members if they leave. If you are interested in the activities of the cooperative, please contact us by email:


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